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Sewing Springtime

Just a quick post to share some photos of our latest tent being sewed together. We have a new purple colour to add to our stock.

This past month we have also made a brand new tent for a circus and repaired tents for other suppliers.

Purple_Big_Top_ (4) Purple_Big_Top_ (3) Purple_Big_Top_ (1)

Successful Summer


Our Big Top Tents enjoyed the fabulous summer sunshine in 2014.  The Big Top Tents were on show from our local area, at Glastonbury Festival, up to Derbyshire and down to Surrey.

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Why are some tents called Big Top?

The term Big Top for the largest tent in the circus or travelling show has been around a long time.  A hunt on the web for the beginings of the term didn’t provide much detail.  We did however come across this interesting article on a US circus site which covers Big Top and other circus lingo expressions.

Talking Circus: The Language of the Big Top

Big Top

Big Top

There is some great Hollywood treatment of Circus and in the film Water For Elephants and a Big Top features in many of the films key moments.

There is some good footage of our Big Top tents in this video of Tribal Gathering 1993, near Warminster. Albion Woods provided Big Top tents for all these seminal events in UK festival culture. For more history on these groundbreaking events see these links